Trade Plan Shorthand

My updated shorthand below.
I have explained only one side. For example WRH weekly range high. I have not put the explanation in for WRL weekly range low.

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BZ Buy zone – area I am interested in buying in
BAC Break and close – means that price has been accepted above / below this level.
BAL Balance / Range Area
BOF Breakout Failure of a level
BPB Breakout of level and first PB
BEOB Bearish Engulfing Candle Pattern
BUOB Bullish Engulfing Candle
BEARPIN Bearish Pinbar (and of course there is a Bullpin)
COMP Composite, normally relating values for volume profiling
COM Commom, meaning mode distribition normally in relation to the length of the rotation
C.WHL Current Weekly High
DATR Daily Average Range
D. Prefix indicating Daily
ERC.V Extended Range Candle with Volume. Larger than normal candle with larger than normal volume
EXP.HIGH Expected High for the day
FIB Fibonacci Level
FTC Failure to continue, where price is expected to make a new extreme but fails to break pivot.
FTB First time back to level, 2TB is second time back
HTF Higher Time Frame meaning the 60min
HOLDS Price not accepted past this level
LTF Lower Time frame, 5 mins and below
LEP – Last Entry Point.  The maximum price I can get into a trade whilst maintianing a minimum of 1.5 R to first target.
L.BIAS Long Bias
MRH Monthly Range High
MM.U Measure Move Upside
OTF Other time frame, traders on the 60 min plus timeframe
OIR / OOR Open In Yesterday Range / Open Outside Yesterday Range
OE Over extended
PB Pullback
REJ Rejected
PENT – Preferred entry price, as close to where I am wrong as possible but still think there is a reasonable chance of getting filled
ROT Rotation (swing length) comes in sizes, the rot (swing) is either shallow, mode/common, standard deviation and /over extended (SD2) ( I use 90% for SD2)
STRONG CLOSE Close hear the high (>80%) on up candle or near the low
SZ Sell zone – area I am interested in selling
VPOC Volume Point of Control
VAH Volume Value High
VAL Volume Value Low
WRH Weekly Range High
WATR Weekly Average Range
W. Prefix indicating Weekly
Y.HI Yesterday High