One of the problems of trading from home, is accountability.  There is no one but ourselves that monitors whether we do our homework, stick to our trade plans, obey our risk parameters or stick to our trade management.

This is one of the biggest areas that I have struggled with over the years. I know that I perform better when I feel the responsibility and at times, when trading at home, it is easy to lose that accountability during the day.

I started sharing my trade plans and ideas in a trading room to help me with this area. This then moved to blogging via Evernote on the platform and eventually to this site. Over time, more of my process have moved online.  The key for me putting stuff online is that it must help me improve my trading and this process may help other traders on the same path.

The ethos of the site and its content can be summed up as “helping the trader”.

One article I wrote If I started again what resources would I consider essential, has proved popular with other traders.

Based on this, I have decided to write short reviews of the various resources I use.  There are a lot of resources out there, some free and some paid and it is hard sometimes to get a decent review before buying.

All my reviews will be written with the following frame of mind – that there is always a cost to using a resource whether it is time or money and sometimes both and will this resource not only pay for itself, but will it generate profit above the original outlay in time / money?

Trading is a business and we would not pay for a resource in business if it’s not going to generate some sort of return. It’s the same in trading. Some resources are nice to have, but would not make me any more profitable, thus are not essential to my trading.

All these review are my opinion and based on my experience of the various resources.  I do not get any benefits, monetary or otherwise for writing these articles. To remove any doubt, I will provide links to these services but will also provide the best keywords, so you can search and find these resources on your own.





Stage 5 Review



Edgewonk Trade Journal


Price Ladder Trading Course Review

Playing the Odds – Market Stats Review 


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