25th Oct 2016 – Bund Daily Trade Plan


0900 Ger IFO 1500 US Cb Cons Conf


DATR 0.68-

WATR 1.66+

p.WK.50% 64.78


Weekly Summary – Up week back into VA, T 64.78

Previous Day – BEOB, hold 64.54 bac 63.86 for s.bias t 163.54-.50

General Bias SC = -2

Big Picture

60min – Neutral Tr, bac of bz, back at prev bal VH, so decision point. For /t to short and test of poc/vl of bal bac and hold 80

15min – Short Bias TR, for cont, exp hold 04-12 bac 86

Weekly Poc And Bal Vh at 80 so possible rejection point.

Short Hypo – if price holds 4-12 then shorts t 86-80 bac 80 then shorts t 70 t2 50 t2 43 bac 43 t 30-24 (watch for bof); if price holds 50-43 then longs t 80 or if price holds bof 24 t 50 t2 80

Neutral Hypo – if price holds/bof 86/60 then longs t 04-12 bac 12 t 25 t30-38; if price holds 30-38 then shorts t 10-04

Longs Hypo – if price bac 38 then longs t 52-54 bac 54 t 68-78

Red flag levels – For short trades bac 64.54 For long trades bac 63.24

4 thoughts on “25th Oct 2016 – Bund Daily Trade Plan

  • 24/10/2016 at 21:31

    What does SC=-2 on your general bias mean Adey ?

    I love your content man

    • 25/10/2016 at 20:38

      Hi Charlie, SC starts for score so it a combined score on how bearish the market has been. Taking into account, the trend over the past 2/3 days, trend over the past 5-10 days, the previous days price action, how far this trend has gone and where about we are in relation to areas of interest. -4 very bearish and + 4 very bullish.

      Thanks for commenting.


      • 25/10/2016 at 20:44

        Ah I see, thanks for the reply mate. Just a heads up, on your main site under ‘My Latest Posts’, the most recent post showing is the 21/10 daily plan.

        Cheers Adey !

        • 25/10/2016 at 20:48

          Hi Charlie,

          Thanks for the heads up. I will look into it.



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