20th Sept 2016 – Bund Daily Trade Plan


0700 Ger PPI 1330 US Build Permits


DATR 0.81+

WATR 1.65+



Weekly Summary – BOF of iw.low, bac 64.29 t 65.00

Previous Day – Id id.hi @ 64.11 id.lo @63.63

General Bias SC = -1

Big Picture

60min – Long TR, C.PB ip, for cont of Long Tr, hold 63.29-04 and bac 64.29

15min – Neutral TR, for dir, bac 63.57/10

Neutral Hypo – if price holds / bof 57 then longs t 93 t 00-08 bac 10 t 21/29; if price holds / bof 10 or 29 then shorts t 00 t2 93

Long Hypo – if price bac 29 then longs t 38 bac 48 t 60 bac 60 t2 75 t3 92-00

Short Hypo – if price bac 57 then shorts t 47 t2 29 t 15

Red flag levels – For short trades 64.40 For long trades bac 63.04

2 thoughts on “20th Sept 2016 – Bund Daily Trade Plan

  • 20/09/2016 at 12:05


    Do you monitor other markets when you trade, or focus purely on FGBL?

    For example FGBM or maybe a basket of macro assets you keep an eye on?



    • 20/09/2016 at 15:09

      Not really. I check out the the ES and the T-Note before the open to see what happened over night. And I check on both of them during the US session to see what is happening. But I do not use them to take a trade. If it is a good level then it is a good level, I have found in my experience.

      Too much information, just ends up confusing me.



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