12th Sept 2016 – Bund Daily Trade Plan



DATR 0.76+

WATR 1.63+

p.WK.50% 164.60


Weekly Summary – Bac of Inside Week x 5 lo @ 163.81

Previous Day – ERC Down day with strong bear close. Mbar 64.06

General Bias SC = -2 (OE on the hourly and at 2 sd of the bal area since brexit) Stats say 25% of trend day on monday

Big Picture

60min – Short Bias, for cont, exp hold 64.20-45 and bac 65.53

15min – Short Bias, for cont, exp hold 69-76 and bac 53

Neutral Hypo – if price holds/ bof 53-40 then longs t 62-68 bac 62 t 80 ; if price holds 80 then shorts t 62-25 (alt if price bac 80 then shorts at 00-11

Short Hypo – if price bac 53 then shorts t 41 bac 41 t 27 bac 27 then t 63.07-00 bac 00 t 89-85

Long Bias – if price bac 11 then t 20-30

Red flag levels – For short trades bac 65.28 For long trades 64.48 and then 64.18

2 thoughts on “12th Sept 2016 – Bund Daily Trade Plan

  • 11/09/2016 at 21:14

    60min short bias – how do you measure that one?
    I’d have thought 15m short bias – 60min kinda neutral.

    Sharp sell off, after a break out failure at top of range – we’ve stopped a little past the range VAL, poked through the monthly low. Personally I think we could go lower towards that Brexit gap, but would also not be very surprised if we just went back up into the recent balance range.
    In any case, actually looking forward to a potentially exciting monday open after this July & August snooze

    • 12/09/2016 at 07:53

      Hi Monkey

      The 60 and 15 min use bias instead of trend. These bias are purely what I see on the chart so the 60min is in down trend, and if it continued then these are the areas I would expect it to hold / break. It is over extended but still in a down trend.

      If that makes sense.




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