27th June 2016 – Bund Daily Trade Plan


UK REF Volt 1330 US Goods TB 1445 US Sev PMI


DATR 1.08 WATR 1.88 WK.50% M.50%

Weekly Summary – ERC up week with weak bull close

Previous Day – Down day with strong bear close

General Bias – SC 2

Big Picture

60min – Short Bias, for cont, exp to hold 66.77 and bac 65.49

15min – Short Bias, for cont, exp to 85-92 and bac 65.49

With all the toys being thrown out of the cot this weekend. I am not drawing up hypos till I see where it opens. Then I will work off mini plans and only trade when Liquidity hits certain levels on the markets I trade.

But areas of interest are as follows

Sell Zones

66.19-.30 (24) Minor Hvn for the rot for US Open
66.53-77 (68) 60 SZ and start of the last rot downAnd 66.65 was the unadjusted prev ATH
67.04-23 m.bar 50% and mid of friday
68.53 – 68.86 Fri open and Friday hi

Buy Zones

65.68-59 Friday low and p.w.hi
65.50 hvn
65.29 lvn
65.06-63.95 Conf zone, mm,p.wvpoc,hvn
64.60 Top of prev bal

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