Bund Trade Review – 13th June

Before I did my Bund trade review, I was feeling okay about the day, but afterwards, I am a bit disappointed with today, overall an okay up day, was not really feeling it before I took a break and it took me a while to get back into it after the break.

7 missed trades across Bund and Stoxx, 3 of these where on trades that I normally do not take due to time of day (but I am recording to see if I should be taking these), and 2 no fills which where placed with correct buffers etc, so shit happen trades. Which leaves 2 missed trades, 1 missed as I was doing plan for Stoxx and Bund and time and 1 due to FOL.

The missed open due to doing the plan was frustrating, as before I started to do the plan I could see it was a potential but did my plan before placing the order. I suspect this avoidance raising its head in another form.

The FOL trade was a good clean step up, but I was expecting another extreme, should have taken it as these give at least a reaction to the scale.

Trade Review Grading

Trades average grade B

Mentally and Tactically, I spent a good amount of time displaying my A game mental and tactical traits with various times in the B and C game.

Summary – problem focusing today, and staying on top of context. Average day grade was brought down by being too aggressive with trade management on 2 of the scalps and focus issues around the end of the Am session and start of the PM session.

Bund Trade Review

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