Bund Trade Review – 9th June

Overall an okay to good session. Stoxx had a couple of losses and then a good trade followed by a secondary trade which was a good trade. As per my rules I am trying to get in the habit of taking the secondary set-ups, I am taking these at half size until I get into the habit. But a better read of the market than yesterday.

I also have to get out of the habit of doubting my own analysis when I see someone I respect (relatively) on twitter give an opposing opinion. This comment is not a comment on any specific trader or any trader on twitter, and about whether they are right or wrong, it is not, this is all to do about how I respond to opposing opinions and my analysis.

I grade my trades on an individual day, and the average them out to give me an average grade for the day. What I have started doing is grading my performance against the trader profile I did in this post called Working on improving my C Game.

Here is today’s version as an example. I find it easier to track my mental performance, if I score myself every time I start displaying one of the behaviours in my A to C game, rather than on general metrics.

Bund trade review

Bund Trade Review

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