24th May 2016 – Bund Daily Trade Plan


0700 Ger GDP 1000 Ger ZEW 1500 US New Home


DATR 66-

WATR 1.67-

WK.50% –

M.50% –

Weekly Summary – Down range week with neutral bear close

Previous Day – Down day with neutral bear close and bof of prev id. d.low at 53.33

General Bias – SC -1

Big Picture

60min – Neutral Bias, test and rej 60.sz and bac thru minor bz and test 60.bz 43-33, and pullback. For t/c to short exp for bac of 33 or LH and then bac of 33

15min – Short Bias, for cont, exp 58-63 to hold/bof and bac 33

Hypo 1 – Down – if price holds / bof 58-62 then shorts t 41-33 bac 33 then shorts t 21-06 bac 06 t 97-90 t2 80-67

Hypo 2 – Range – if price bof 33 or holds /bof 20-06 then longs t (33) 63 bac 63 t 77, if price holds 77 then shorts t 56

Hypo 3 – Up – if price bac 77 then longs t 90 t2 00-07

Red flag levels – For short trades 64.07 For long trades bac 63.33 then 06

6 thoughts on “24th May 2016 – Bund Daily Trade Plan

  • 24/05/2016 at 19:34

    hey adey i like so much your blog, but just wonder how did you got there, did you blew your account several times? what was your path?
    how much do you think one needs to making a living out of it even if i know there is an edge to get first;; i mean how much you think ones need to get in there without getting too much risk with what you said before ( 6000e per lot )
    thanks for your time sharing ! 🙂

    • 24/05/2016 at 22:21

      Hi Pete,

      Thanks for the comments. If you do not mind, I will be able to answer this better and in more depth at the weekend. As I have a lot on this week. Thanks for your patience.


    • 29/05/2016 at 00:47

      hey adey dont forget me!!! you said you would tell me this week 🙂


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