Stoxx 50 Trading Review – 4th April

I was far too passive with the Stoxx today.

1. Played the open long off the initial buying push got first scale, saw buyers and sellers step in big style but passive (limit order) to reverse and missed the short and had to scratch the long.

2. Breakout failure of the Open hi, again too passive with the order and did not even get a chance to place the order. As it moved away quickly.

3. Looking at 55 for a retest (previous D.Low) but was again too passive and missed the opportunity.

4. Retest of 61 area, was not engaged when I should have been and was watching the Bund.

5. looking for a retest here no test

6. had an order in at 87, no fill and again too slow to put the order, need to place it early or go agg.

7. Short scalp here stopped out. Had a opp to get before the stop and deep down I could see that price action was now against me.

8. Looking for long here on retest, messy in the order flow, passive order was right, did not get filled but that was okay.

9. Looking here for a long on order / bof at the low at 2907 no order flow supporting this.

10. Looking for a scalp long here to reverse at 2900 or 2905, but weak buying with selling reloading. So skipped the trade.

11. Stopped before level and did not take the order flow trade as was doing the Bund at the time.

12. Not sure why my alert did not go off for this level. User error no doubt so completely missed this as updating trade journal. But if I had noticed it was at this price I would have stalked a long.

Lessons Learnt.

Need to be less passive especially with trades going with the current bias.

Would have been better off focusing on the Stoxx than the Bund.

Stoxx was around average volume all day and rots where the same or greater than average, where bunds was about -20% on volume and rots where similarly down.

So if I see that a similar situation is developing it would be better to devote my time to the market that is moving well. Also a bit of common sense and it was pretty clear from the lower time frame charts which was moving the best.

Stoxx 50 Trading Review

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