Weekend Viewing – Order flow 26-27 March

As I have mention on this blog, I working to improve my understand of order flow and the price action on the DOM.

This is a collection of videos I have read watched over the weekend to help me improve my order flow reading.

Miltos’ Price Ladder Analysis 15/03/16

Via youtube.com

Miltos’ Price Ladder Analysis 08/03/16

Via youtube.com

Price Ladder Analysis with Brannigan Barrett

Via youtu.be

Next week I will be watching

Occasionaly FT71 holds public AMA and webinars. I highly recommend anyone interested in improving their trading to watch these webinars when they are available.


7 thoughts on “Weekend Viewing – Order flow 26-27 March

  • 27/03/2016 at 17:40

    Hello great work, great share, thanks.
    Can you tell me this : what is the margin usually used to trade one bund ? i mean the margin all included = broker margin + psychological margin,
    i know this is personnal, everyone is different.
    Is there a margin used in prop firms? is it the same for proprietary traders on their own?
    thanks ! 🙂

  • 28/03/2016 at 10:33


    Thank you for your comments

    Firstly my margin via the Stage 5 for 1 contract of Bund is 2500 euros. Full information on the various margins can be found here http://futuresonline.com/trading/margin-req.cfm

    Secondly, when you saying I am assuming how many contracts I trade for my account size. I risk on average of 1% of my account size per trade. Let me know if I am wrong in my assumptions.

    A great article on position sizing is in the Best of Breaking Out Bad at http://breakingoutbad.com/2016/01/01/3-highly-effective-ways-to-help-scale-up-trade-size/

    I am not sure what the various prop houses do.



    • 28/03/2016 at 17:17

      ok Adey, so what would you have with your 2500 to trade one lot?
      and if you strated from zero what capital should you earn to strat trading the bund according to you?
      if i ask you that, its because i am getting some edge (small one 🙂 ) but i cant figure out what should be a decent margin, i always think i am taking too much risk = too much lots for my capital.
      Thank again 🙂

      • 28/03/2016 at 19:15

        Hi, it depends on how much you want to risk in percentage terms and the size of the stop.

        For example if the stop is 6 ticks, then risk is 60 euros plus commissions per trade. If we wanted to risk 1% then account size would need to be 100 x 60. 6000 euros minimum account size would pay for the margin of 2500, and would give you a buffer of 58 losing trades. Or a more conservative approach would be margin plus the 6000. Of course this is with a 6 tick stop, I do not know what your stop is with your edge. But you should be able to reverse engineer above workings to take into account your typical stop size.


    • 28/03/2016 at 19:31

      Hi, I use the jigsaw Dom, and have watched many of their videos. They have given me many light bulb moments about order flow and practical order profile use.

      This is one of their new one ones using the vista, which is very interesting.


      I will keep sharing all examples of order flow. As if I find them helpful them I am sure others will.



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