Trading the Bund – Weekly Trading Review – 25-29 January 2016

What one thing did I do best this week and how I did I do it?

Similar to last week, followed my stripped down trading rules, not that many opportunities, as I had other commitments so traded a couple of half days, and missed the afternoon trading opportunities. I did not force the trades due to the restricted time limits which was a good step.

What one thing did I do badly this week and what led me to do it?

Over managing the hypo opportunities, was not helped by choppy price action which occurred in my entry areas.

What specifically will I do next week to continue doing what I did best?

Since the beginning of the year I have been monitoring the Euro Stox, and will now add as a secondary market. Now if there is no opportunities in the Bund, I will take trades in the my secondary market.

What specifically will I do next week to improve what I did worst?

Over managing trades, I collecting data on how long it takes my hypo trades to react their original target whether I am still in the trade or not. I am going to use this data to review my holding period of my trades. As the current holding period is getting my out sometimes before the trade has fully had a chance to work. But I will not change the current time period until I have more data. As I not going to change this on just on a gut feeling. The gut feeling could be right but I need to collect data to see whether this is right or not.

How well did I achieve my “continue my best” goal last week and what do I need to do this week to continue/improve upon that progress?

I did not get much chance to keep the core position as my rules had me going out of the trade after a certain limit, which with the choppy price action meant I exited early. But I continued to monitor for a sign to get back, no fills and a missed opportunity did not help. But this is still a core goal for the next week.

How well did I achieve my “improve my worst” goal last week and what do I need to do this week to continue/improve upon that progress?

In theory, the adding of 1 or 2 ticks to my levels is working, except that the each time the best levels have been tested I have not been trading. But I can see that I would have been filled and the trades at my previous placements, would likely not have been.


Main goals this week –

To hold on to a core position for the hypo trades.

To continue to front run my levels by 2 ticks with the main bias and front run 1 tick to levels against the bias.

To trade the Eurostox on the main levels if there is not an opportunity in the Bund.

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