Trading the Bund – Weekly Trading Review – 11-15 January 2016

What one thing did I do best this week and how I did I do it?

Kept to my new simplified rules, focusing on the best setups, and with a focus on not getting frustrated with no fills. This is just a problem to be solved.

What one thing did I do badly this week and what led me to do it?

Still have a problem with no fills. One of the biggest issues is that if I do not get filled on my limit order price then I end up taking a trigger which can be 5-6 ticks away from my original price. I end up feeling like I am chasing price.

Taking triggers at zone where I want to see buyers step in is one thing, but certain levels in my system require a blind order to get in as close to the point where I am wrong.

What specifically will I do next week to continue doing what I did best?

Keep to the new rules by re reading my system page on Sunday night, and except that on most days that there will be times I do get a set up or miss a set up, and I should be mindful of not taking lower probability trade out of frustration of missed opportunities.

What specifically will I do next week to improve what I did worst?

I am going to add 1 tick to all my with trend entries (so 2 ticks in front of level) and keep the counter trends at + 1 ticks. If this increases my risk above my risk level then I will decrease my size.

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