Vader Declaration to Trading [working document]


Trading is an elite performance. Not everyone can do it. Like any professional I need to put the time in to improve. Below I put together a working list of intangibles I believe will keep me on track for FU trading going forward.

  1. Model 3 high probability ideas – trades that present 3R+ risk/reward ratio. Don’t waist my time with scalps, stick to trades with high confidence factors.
  2. PATIENCE, PATIENCE, PATIENCE – 90% of my time should be spent lurking like a lion
  3. Try hard NOT to scale – I need to get paid on the RISK I am taking. Let the trade come to fruition before thinking about exiting.

Vader7x has written a declaration to trading and has some very good advice on focus and simplifying our trading.

The article is worth a read, and has definitely given me some thought about my own goals and milestones for this year.

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