2016: Lead by Example

One does not accumulate but eliminate. It is not daily increase but daily decrease. The height of cultivation always runs to simplicity. Bruce Lee

What do you need to do differently this year? How are you going to accomplish it? As active traders, these two questions are perennially on our minds this time of year. We have just wrapped up the year past and look forward to the coming year with always higher expectations. The expectations are fun and empowering. Every year we feel as if this year this is the one, the one in which we reach the lofty goals we have set for ourselves as traders. The reality is very few of us attain or surpass these expectations. Why? I cant answer for you, but I will give you the answer for me, in one word Focus.

Very true words, every year I set goals and I reach about 60% of the goals I set. This tells me that I am not focusing enough and maybe have too many goals. I need to narrow down my focus.

Do less. And do the things that you ARE doing better and with higher quality. You don’t need to be hot. You need to be successful and those are two different things. Success often comes from doing a few things extraordinarily well and noticeably better than the competition. from @99U

There are certain things I do well, and I need to keep doing these and focus on what is working for me. Thus adding in some secondary markets I can focus on the my most profitable trading edges and strategies.

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