What I am reading now – New Year Reading List


It seems that I have been a good boy (relatively) this year, and Santa brought me a few books to read.

Tradermind: Get a Mindful Edge in the Markets – Steve Ward

TraderMind is an essential resource for understanding and applying mindfulness–based approaches that help to enhance an individual trader′s overall performance. Based upon extensive research and practical application in the real world of the trading floor, TraderMind includes methods, tactics and techniques to build and enhance awareness and insight, which help manage thoughts and emotions and maximize trading performance.

I actually got this book last xmas, as a prezzie. I read it and completed the 8 week mindfulness course and continue to mediate regularly till about seven months ago.  I stopped doing it due to lack of time and failing asleep during the sessions due to being over tired.

So I am going to start this again, as I found many benefits to mindfulness mediation, calmer, more sanguine and being able to focus for longer periods of time. These benefits have also helped me in me life outside trading.

I will do the eight week course and then incorporate it back into my daily routine.

Trading Psychology 2.0: From Best Practices to Best Processes –  Brett N. Steenbarger

Trading Psychology 2.0 is a comprehensive guide to applying the science of psychology to the art of trading. Veteran trading psychologist and bestselling author Brett Steenbarger offers critical advice and proven techniques to help interested traders better understand the markets, with practical takeaways that can be implemented immediately.

Looking forward to reading this, as I am having a drive on building my own Best Practises Manual and this should be very helpful.

Science, Strategy and War: The Strategic Theory of John Boyd

John Boyd is often known exclusively for the so-called ‘OODA’ loop model he developed. This model refers to a decision-making process and to the idea that military victory goes to the side that can complete the cycle from observation to action the fastest.

This book aims to redress this state of affairs and re-examines John Boyd’s original contribution to strategic theory. By highlighting diverse sources that shaped Boyd’s thinking, and by offering a comprehensive overview of Boyd’s work, this volume demonstrates that the common interpretation of the meaning of Boyd’s OODA loop concept is incomplete. It also shows that Boyd’s work is much more comprehensive, richer and deeper than is generally thought. With his ideas featuring in the literature on Network Centric Warfare, a key element of the US and NATO’s so-called ‘military transformation’ programmes, as well as in the debate on Fourth Generation Warfare, Boyd continues to exert a strong influence on Western military thinking.

John Boyd also produced the Aerial Attack Study, which became the official tactics manual for fighter aircraft. Boyd changed the way pilots thought; prior to his tactics manual, pilots thought that air-to-air combat was far too complex to ever be fully understood.

This should be an interesting read and I am sure there will be some interesting crossovers for trading.

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