Christmas is not just for Mince Pies, my review plan over the holidays.

I will be using this Christmas break to do a general review of my trading and practises that support the trading.

I will use this review to set up goals for the 1st quarter of 2016.

I will be focusing on the following areas:

1) To review my trade journal of the past 200 trades to see if there are any obvious problems with my trades.

2) to read and review my Best Practises Manual, one to remind me of what works best and secondary to see if there any obvious areas that I am not following or could be improved.

3) To review the way I handle my hypo trades. Currently I treat the majority of the trades the same way. I need to be able to split my trades into hypo (intraday swing trades) and the shorter term scalps. These should have different targets and stops. I will be using my trade journal alongside harmonic rotations to help me come up with some rules regarding these.

4) One problem has been error trades, I have done work to reduce these, but occasionally I still have a run with taking error trades. These tend to occur after periods of frustrating trading. I will be looking deeper into these periods to see if I can come with ways to reduce this error even further.

5) I will look at adding a secondary market, on slightly higher timeframe. I am thinking that this could help in the frustrating periods in Bund where there is no high probability setups.

6) I will look at my daily routine especially my start time regarding the open, whilst I am generally full ready to trade 5 mins before the open, I rarely take a trade at the open. There are not always opportunities at the open but when there are it is not often that I take them. I need to look at the reasons behind this and take a look at what trades I want to take at the open.

7) To look back at what I have done to improve my no fill problem, where I am with that and what are the next steps.

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