Best Practises – Staying on top of Market News and Data

As part of my drive to get all my routines that support my trading, organised into a Best Practise Manual. I am looking at how I keep on top of the news and the fundamental side.

I do not trade the news directly but tend to trade the reaction to the news or the expectancy.

But I have found it best to have an idea of what the market is reacting to the most news / data wise and keep on top of the latest thinking.

I take the approach that there are people out there who have a better read and understanding of the current situation, therefore I tend to read a selection of blogs. Which I have found improves my knowledge and also has helped me to start to develop my own opinions on news / data and the effect they will have on the markets I trade.

General Preparation

There are plenty of websites that cover news and fundamentals in general, it is quite difficult to find decent content that actually discusses these aspects and the possible effect on the individual markets.

A good aggregator of the Macro News is Macro Digest, I use this to keep track of the general trends of what is important to the markets I trade.

Regular Reads

Every week these are the websites that I read, as I have found their content to be knowledgeable, and have helped me prepare for the possible reactions to the news and fundamental data.

Marc Chandler at Marc to Market – Whilst he tends to focus on currencies, his commentary and analysis of the data has always helped me understand the bigger picture.

Marco Man – His commentary is excellent, funny and sometime goes over the top of my head. But an essential read every time he posts.

Also I have to mention @futexlive, I am not a member of their paid services, but I do tend to watch / read the majority of their content that is released on twitter and youtube. I do not always agree with their individual analysis but I find their approach to everything is so professional that it always make me up my game.

Whilst trading I tend to avoid reading too many articles, I find that this distracts me and take my focus away from a trading to a more analytical mind set.

I use Talking Forex (part of Ransquawk), the Live Audio Market Commentary Service. The announcer squawks live news aggregated from professional sources through all the trading sessions. It is a bare bones service compared to Ransquawk or Trade the News services. I think it’s a great service and is part of my daily routine.

In my opinion these guys are good and offer a quality product which covers all my needs in getting the relevant major news to me quickly. And for £20 a month, it is very cost efficient compared to the other services.

I am sure there are plenty of other sources of commentary on market related data. Please feel free to add them in the comments and I will check them out.

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