18th Nov – Bund Market Review

Still having internet problems, so was not as aggressive with entries as I should be.

Minor gap down in range and test of y.hi, rot up and mini bof of open swing high. Rot back but failure to continue and buyers in. Tempted by bof of y,hi but with the naked vpoc, wanted a long for that test. No entry and then test of npvoc, no fill on blind but entry on ltf trigger. Scalp and then looked for second chance entry on failure to continue (LH) or bof of the session high.

ERC rot down to origin of yesterday’s breakout and hvn, had me looking for continue short at 52ish, the strong volume up, had me change this to a scalp with looking to reverse on buying at a failure to continue HL around the 44 or bof at session low. Buyers came in at 44/45 and rot back to mini bal and extension up. Exp to test 72.



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