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My current set up for trading is to use a desktop, which is solely used for charting and execution, and a laptop, for news, research, journalling, email and twitter. It can be a pain switching between the two, with the associated juggling of keyboards and mouse’s, and all this take up valuable desk real estate.

A few years ago, I came across the Multiplicity software, which allows one mouse and keyboard to control up to nine other computers.

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Here is their own video explaining what the software can do:

The benefits for me are:

I can set the laptop off to one side, where it easily seen but not crowding my workspace and is not too much of a distraction.

I can use twitter and chatrooms without having to switch keyboards or mouse.

I can take screenshots of my charts on the desktop and then paste the link into the chatroom / twitter / etc on the laptop with ease.

I can download data from the charts and then copy it to the laptop for analysis very quickly. Which allows me to do on the spot stats, on I something I have noticed without minimising charts or execution.

I can keep my journal, spreadsheets, models up to date without effect my focus on the charts.

And the basic software for 2 computers is 19.99 USD. Which for the amount of time it has saved me, makes it great value in my book.

If you are using more than one computer to trade then I would definitely say this is a product that you need to check out.




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