6th November – NFP Market Review on Bund

First time trading the US NFP on sim.

To be honest it was a bit of disaster execution wise.

Bad Bits

I had decided to use the Stage 5 Trading Dom. I normally use Jigsaw DOM, but I did not have that set up on Sim. Nothing wrong with the Stage 5 DOM, just was not used to it and could not turn off the brackets and had trouble remembering the short cuts. So execution was slow and clumsy.

Tried to trade using limit orders but I was not quick enough with these and failed to get in where I want to at times. I moved to market orders that was more successful.

Tried to trade on setups in between my levels. Which was a losing situation from the start.

Problem with SIM trading, I can never seem to take the risk seriously, as I know there is no risk involved. So I always seem to take trades I would not take in real life. Mentally I am going fuck it, lets’ see what it does. I need to get over that as I am using this as a training platform so not taking it seriously is a waste of my time.

Good bits

Where I traded at my levels they were profitable trades. Due to bracket issues I did not hold any of them long enough.

The plan, when the number was announced, my initial thoughts was that the levels at the extreme were going to be favourite for any fades.

When it broke a level I was then looking for a pb to short till the extreme. Once it started the main pullback then around 50% was going to be my choice to fade this move.

So happy with the plan overall, and would use this method for next NFP.

This is the 2000 volume chart for the Bund FGBLZ5

Summary for Next Time

Take it seriously.

Make sure whatever DOM I am using, I know how to use it and I am fluid with execution.

Only trade at the pre-defined levels and the 50% pullback of the main move. Targets should be around the next major level.

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