3rd Nov – Bund Market Review

Price OIR and ROT up thru balance hi and bounced between origin of breakout and p.low at 96. Took a short on mini bof looking for return to value. Stopped out.

Price rot up to w.val / y.val and marabuzzo 50%, took short on ltf trigger. Good rot down with volume and range.

I had a traded planned at the retest of the origin of the breakout but not after the test of the 04-07 area, took the trade. Error and stopped out.

Took long at planned level the 15 sd rot and close of gap at 15min minor bz for a scalp long, looking to reverse at 88

Did not get entry to short at 88.

Weak choppy action down to mini bof session low, took long on ltf entry but after 15min and no fill on scale target and r.pa order flow on dom dumped trade.

Bac below 67 minor 60 min low, with volume and range, looking for a test of baz and bal low. Buyer stepped in to defend and long on ltf trigger for a scalp.

Had a short waiting at 94 the origin of the rot down out of the chop for a scalp short.

Took a long on failure to cont but was not concentrating and got in with only 1 lot. So called it a day.

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