Weekly Review 22-26 September 2014

Traded full days Mon-Fri

Opportunity Errors (missed trades due to fol or unfocused attention)  = 1 errors cost 8 ticks.  My plan of taking 20 trades in a row, is working well, I am placing a lot more orders into the market and at the correct levels (+/- 1 tick to front run the levels). But did not get may fills this week. But after Tuesday 4 fills in a row, I was frustrated but manged to avoid taking an impulse trade and fucking over all the good work I have done. Though I am going to include in the don’t break the chain trade sheet the no fills, rule is if the price trades but doesn’t fill me then it goes down as trade on the chain sheet. 

Trade Management Errors (wrong scales, stops, or breaking of trade management rules due to fol / fomo ) = 0 errors cost 0 ticks. Good work fella, followed the rules and held some couple of difficult trades but managed them as per rules.

Execution Errors (trades taken that where not in plan or entering trades early or late as per my trading rules = 0 error. Cost = 0 ticks. Good work fella

Hourly Expectations

Stats 35 expectancies. 56% were correct, 48% were neutral (where level held but price only reached 1st scale or did nothing), Neutral results due to 2 sessions in balance

Overall for the week

First week with increased size. OK stress wise but the increased size at the moment is be taken out by the TM rules, whilst I loath to change rules before I get a decent sample, this is plainly not working so I going to do it now and start the sample size again.

Could not tell how my problem with correct scales as no intra day trades got filled this week. Though my rules are making it easier to define which trade should be using which scales. But until I get an intra day trade to fill then I cannot tell how I am coping.

Good read of the market. calm and focused for a high percentage of time and I am getting less tired at the end of the day. Though Friday mornings I feel mentally shagged when I get up. But I am adapting, a couple more weeks and I will go back to deliberate practice. 

Thoughts on going forward

Not much to report for this week, as it is monthly review time as well

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