29th Oct Bund Market Review

Bunds OIR and rot up to test 17, the val and sz, shorts on ltf on trigger. Rot down to test session low and minor pullback. Was a chance to get short again buy no fill on ltf trigger.ERC.V rot down with LTF sd2 volume and range, therefore looking for shorts for continuation down but the pullback to 02 mid had sd2 volume so no trade and was looking like a BOF so no trade on first opposing setup. Rot continued up and was looking for the stops to be taken at session high for a short on a LTF trigger.
Was looking to get short again if we made a failure to push high on a bof, but stalled and rot lower. Was looking for a mini bof for potential trade back into range but no setup at 02, the strength of the move thru here left me looking for shorts for a test of session low. No entry.
Bof of session low as just within my time limit of not taking trades before news so managed a scalp long before the news.
Then end of day for me.

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