28th October – Bund Market Review

OIR pushed lower, exp for it to test 19, tried to get short at 29 for a scalp down but no fill. tested 19, and on bof trigger long.

Price bac 39 with volume and range, looking to join on first pullback or test of y.hi. No pullback and rot up to test 55 previous low and into bal, sold this for a scalp back towards y,hi but dumped this when price went into bal.  Price bac down, short on first pullback to origin on ltf trigger exp to test onh and y.hi and to find buyers or test of fresh bz at 26-17.

Took long at 35, stopped out. No fill on long at 26 and long scalp on trigger target onh. Then I took a bof long on dom entry at 20. Whilst this fitted my rules, I was ignore then strength of this second push down.

Took long off 95 trend line, 15min sd rot, 60min common rot, daily 50% marabuzzo, exp for test of 17. Looking for short at 17, no fill, short on trigger, was looking at 05 to reverse, 05 did not fill so exited short and no trigger to get long on ltf.

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