27th October – Bund Market Review

Bund open in range and with under average volume tested y.high, and went straight into balance, I looked for a bof of this balance to take price back into value and retest vpoc and possible range day.

Pullback into value and into balance, therefore was looking for a bof of either side to get long or short or a bac and the first pullback. No bof, and a bac to the topside with good volume and range.  Based on that I was looking for first pullback to join long and short scalps at resistance levels.

Price stalled and went into bal at first resistance area which was 15min sd rot, expectation was for pullback.  Was looking for a trigger short here, esp a mini bof to the topside to short scalp. No entry. On the pullback I was looking to get long at the previous resistance at 99 and 15 min com rot or 06 which was current mid and 5min sd rot and 60 min bar 50%. on a trigger. Got a trigger but just before news so skipped trade. 

Had a hvn and resistance at 25-36 with node at 31, shorted 30 got topped ticked. I should got out earlier as price went to first scalp scale did not fill and returned quickly to entry. A clue that it was not ready for a pullback. Got a second chance entry short, took that. 

Looking to get long at 16, 1 tick in front of the vpoc for the last rot up and bz and 5 min sd rot down got a trigger off 18, but hesitated too long and missed the fill. 

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