26th October – Bund Market Review

Low volume day with open around vpoc and into balance, until cash open then a good volume bac of 52 an minor hourly pivot, exp for was to test or failure to test 73 and into range day as per hypo 1. Stalled before the Friday hi at 67, looking for a bof ont he topside to get short, did not happen, whilst waiting for this missed ltf trigger to get short.  Had wanted a long before the stall to get in on the move up, but pulled the order after price stalled.  Exp was for a test of 46, 33 and 21 and to find buyers in the lower Fridays range.

Price tested 46 and buyers came in with good volume, was looking for a short between 54-58 the vwap/mid/ and ftb to the new minor sell zone. Had a trigger but the buyers where in control of the dom so did not get the set I wanted so no trade. Price continued to grind high on good volume. 

Then was looking for a bof of 73 for a short, which happened, it also gave a second chance entry on the double top, but was messy on the ltf.

I was looking for longs off the retest of trend line, val and the minor bz for the rot up. But price stalled before it, and I was looking for mini bof of this low to get in long for a scalp but did not setup. With volume dropping and in bal around 60, I called it a day.

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